Atibuship is a completely undetectable natural occurring ethereal essence of all things, encompassing all entities regardless. Atibuship is the filter of laws of the collectives of realities and its derivatives, primarily of how cartoonish, powerful, or illogical they would be but logical in their own right, otherwise defying another logic logic or creating a new sense of logic. This factor can superbly amplify or nerf the power of all entities depending on the collective of realities with multiverses, dimensions, or the collective of anything akin to those containments. It is the scale of transferring through and to different collectives of realities and anything of those realities can be broken by Zelaroth or the Eternity's Well. Atibuship is scaled to where the stronger influence, the weaker the powers of the entities of a collective reality are, while the less influence the stronger. Atibuship cannot be quantified but the more similar that collectives of realities are, the closer they typically are together.


The Basis cannot be scaled down, the Basis is at the base power of a certain collective reality, one such Basis collective reality is with the Earth Union League. From the consceptusension swathed an unidentified essence from an unknown erratic entity, an essence that lightly swept the pool of all collective realities, only touching the collective realities with the Earth Union League.