The outer existence of dimensions, a plane of unknown to hold the great expansion of all and host incomprehensible impossibility of endless and unknown. Concept is non-existent. The dimensions are held together in a shapeless and inconceivable pool called the Generedon to which each dimension are in a visible state of separation and integration at the same time. All dimensions are connected together and each dimension contain universes and parallels of the existing universes. Conglomerates of parallel and non-parallel universes are multiverses. The outer vision of into the Generedon can infinitely enough to wipe out the entire existence of a simple being that looks at it. In the consceptusension, there is no reality but the null of nothing to have ever not been. To reach this state, if they are capable (impossible even to the most powerful of beings), must enter the mind of which all and anything could possibly occur and there is no containment of and hope their existence won't be ripped apart, transformed, disappear, or experience an infinite ways to not exist anymore by impossibility.