Product of a human that was altered by the Evolutionary Organic Mutagen Infester, the Dharg surpasses the strength, intelligence, and immunity of a human is effectively an advancement of human evolution. The human grows in mass and size and typically gains green to dark green skin. Immune to all microscopic entities such as viruses, extreme temperatures, aging, and forms of radiation. The cell regeneration increases to which recovery from injuries are incredibly faster. The metabolism drastically increases to which the Dhargs can never get fat and their muscular power can never weaken beyond a point from lethargy, let alone they are extremely less lethargic and can be very initiative. They are capable of surviving without nutrients and life necessities as well as resisting the urges of consuming those for years. The Dharg form are more muscular and broad for both females and males. They lost the ability to be addicted to substances and the feeling of greed and jealousy is next to non-existent. Their strength is commonly capable of holding 10 tons of metal and more, able to smash through concrete and enhanced reinforced steel.


The Dharg came to be when Maast Duran compiled foreign DNA on Jyrulaleum when the Syndichais dominated the planet. Extracting valuable genetic information from the super advanced faction, he was able to form the Evolutionary Organic Mutagen Infester (E.O.M.I.). Goliath Albert Moore was the first test subject to submerge in the E.O.M.I. and became the first Dharg. Maast Duran propagated the advancement to draw others as a new way to fight the Syndichais and liberate Jyrulaleum. Many others submerged in the E.O.M.I., eventually spreading to Earth after the liberation of Jyrulaleum as a choice of people, it was embraced warmly in the Free Union of Sparta.