The Evolutionary Organic Mutagen Infester, or E.O.M.I., is a living fluid, a liquified jelly organic being that bonds with the infested person and mutates the organic being based on it's DNA and eliminates all recessive genes while primarily evolving the organic individual into something else with all dominant genes, the mutation numbs the nerves and is painless. The mutation results have a chance to be the same which is very high. The mutation enhances the mutating individual's abilities to become superior to its former self in any to every way possible, physically and/or mentally such as removing certain possible background desires they have acquired such as greed, laziness, addiction, etc., causing remarkable strength, intelligence, agility, endurance, cell regeneration, immunity to diseases, radiation, effects of age, death by aging, and viral infections, etc. The odds of a different mutation or a slight variation of a common mutation are random and very low and are mostly brought by a extremely rare factor such as a certain unnaturally made poison, although the E.O.M.I. tends to protect the being being mutated by eliminating external intruders to protect the mutation process of the being. The E.O.M.I. never causes sterility nor destroys the reproductive organs but instead repairs the organs if it was perhaps damaged and the E.O.M.I. is asexual and does not always drastically mutate the victim in small amounts. The E.O.M.I., in external small amounts, only mutates the victim if the victim is consenting, but in large amounts, the victim is unable to resist or stop the mutation. The mutations are not always drastic and always depends on the amount exposed to and the location of the body injected to or exposed to externally. The E.O.M.I. is not composed of multiple viral entities each with a mind of their own, it is a mass of mutualist mutagen organisms acting collectively as a whole onto a single mind. When the E.O.M.I. fluid is split apart, the individual parts gain separate minds yet they merge minds whenever they are put back together. The E.O.M.I. cannot move by itself but rather by spreading like moderately thick goo. The E.O.M.I. cannot feel pain, have emotions, or simply die by brute force, it has to be burned at a extremely high temperate as it can never die just by staying out in the desert and is immune to radiation and all poisons. The E.O.M.I. organism is extraordinarily small, smaller than an average virus as well as immune to all effects of any virus and can destroy viruses. It as well is able to withstand being frozen and never has to feed, the most it needs is little amounts of the particles of fluids to which it can store in itself, as well as particles of nutrients that may float in any area and feed off energies from the sun. One particle tends to feed at least 1000 gallons worth.