The Federate Titan is a super human product from the Earth Union League of extensive surgery and genetical data fused with the E.O.M.I. These beings are as if walking immortals with incredible strength, reasoning, everything a dharg has and more (besides their skin and morphed features). Although its mostly for humans, dhargs can become this product. The process of small doses allow the user to retain its original form void of mutations but typically result of being taller.


The standard Titan have these basic characteristics

1. casually walk through solid concrete as if it was paper shreds if it wanted to and even become a fall breaking cushion ( though it can hang on without breaking the concrete accidentally, being gentle as if they were a regular human )

2. have the strength able to lift over 100 tons of metal

3. take nuclear weaponry to the face as if it was purely a pillow fight without breaking the skin

4. have regenerable novalium bones

5. have soft and modified regenerable trakronium skin

6. have rubaggar-like flesh with instinctive and voluntary temperature and property control

7. regenerate all organs and the worst of damages in an hour or less

8. immune to pain

9. accelerate at 20 miles per second at up to 200 miles per hour and possibly more

10. jump stories high, extreme agility and reflexes able to move in the blink of the eye

11. immune to all diseases and poisons

12. eat metal that allows them to improve their skin strength

13. cause foreign body invaders (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.) are broken down into nutrients and improves the immune system

14. withstand a capital ship exploding from the core, surviving the vacuums of space and extreme temperatures like swimming in lava and breathing magma

With genetical specialization they may develop organs accordingly in the process of creation.


Volunteers with clean backgrounds and ability to reason

Subject is slowly injected with the E.O.M.I., given to slowly mutate without changing the subjects form.

Donor organs and organically manufactured organs are injected with the same amount of E.O.M.I.

Extra organs are then implanted in the body and liquid, modified novalium covers the bones and prolonged exposure to the E.O.M.I. in bone injections and controlled by the techno dimensionalizer.

Specialized genetical data causing organic soft and flexible trakronium skin and adaptive modified rubaggar flesh.

Subject is then injected with genetical data across the body with the E.O.M.I. giving the subject special genetical abilities and firming the organs into the body as if it was natural as well.

The brain is flooded with the E.O.M.I., giving further extreme intellectual depths of thinking and reasoning.

User is radiated in a genetical tube to make all modifications "natural" as if they were born that way.

User is fitted with self-sufficient and self-repairing modern military implants for extra might, speed, etc. based on consent.