Greater Dimensions are that that have been born of incomplete laws that caused innumerable chaotic boundaries that have led to the strengthening of stability to hold powers beyond imagination. The stability allows itself to be incontrollable and almost infinitely immune to the powers and capabilities of dimensional and multiversal dissolution. Generally cosmic entities are the main populace and are the only planes of which gods can traverse in without destroying everything in it including the dimension. Greater Dimensions are generally clumped side by side and yet are distant, at the same time it is not, from regular dimensions aside from manufactured dimensions.

Within greater dimensions lies spectacular entities and possibilities that vary unfathomably in a grand scale. From attacking entities with concepts and laws of existence, generating galaxies or multiverses as toys, wield other dimensions as tools, it is next to infinity and vastly superior to the considered "average" dimensions but it is simple and laughably beyond insignificant compared to the consceptusension.