Welcome to the Revolutovazel Storyverse Wiki

The ambitious story basis for the potential of a thousand stories unleashing the imagination, there is no final end. Inspired by many sci-fi universes as well as a bit of a satire of it. Quite political as well in some cases.

Think of an expansion of everything (or nothing really)

The storyverse is designed to be very flexible to different ideas (except time, screw time travel as in "oh, they can stop this faction from ever existing, they win except in very limited cases.") containing infinite multiverses and infinite, diverse dimensions. Not only that but concepts that such as the state of being that exist outside the dimensions such as the impossible consceptusension. It is whatever I think is a neat idea in my mind to put down, also expect science to be butchered.

The bulk of this wiki lies within the history.

Latest activity

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