Novalium is the hardest, most protective, energetic, and difficult to create and utilize metal known to man. Novalium have supplies of unique energy with the power equivalent of 1/1000ths of a universe within a quarter of a pound of which can be used if done correctly. The energy can absorb massive energies to be redirected or act as a filter. As a weapon, it can disrupt electronics like an emp on the galactic scale, create a concentrated supernova with the power of multiple galaxies, and conduct galactic storms of energy.

To modify it to become an organic composition is a process of needing extremely advanced technology such as the techno dimensionalizer along with the E.O.M.I. with prolonged exposure.


Originally, it was made by Earth 1,000,000 years in the future in a prototype phase one stage and a raid of Aryans gathered the knowledge to discover it, create it, and utilize it as well as took over one hundred million pounds of it and fled before accidentally reaching the Flow Crystal. In the 1,000,000 years timeline, it was rather useless to Earth as a protective composition and just used for civil toys as they had the power to protect themselves using an undefinable composition that is neither matter or energy. Novalium was an incomplete composition, it was to be a potential for the containment of the entirety of the universe as well as the governing laws as if it was fishbowl.