There are multiple universes, or multiverse, of completely different varieties connected to each other through unseen and unique white and black holes woven in impossible space that gradually universes come through as they infinitely expand as they do and all organisms become more advanced and possibly larger through a eccentric flux of conceptions to which those affected experience a "time" warped accelerated evolution regardless of environments, but the evolution can be based on those environments, as they progress through the tunnel; this only happens if they can survive the conditions by their concepts of which the travel is based on. Parallel universes exist but are of a "separate" "chain" and are "overlapping" yet "connected". The tunnel is a mass of predicore energy and energy sensitivities where mutations occur by their moulding. The chain does not make sense to human minds, it is and isn't but also composed of incomprehensible conglomeration. The "end" is only accessible by superbly advanced powers or technology.